Hey everyone!

About a year ago my sister-in-law got me two bottles of .5 fl oz CHI Silk Infusion. With moving they got misplaced, luckily found them about a month ago and have been wanting  to try them out ever since. I’ve been trying this product for about a week now, and I thought it would be good to do a review on them.

So the first time I tried it, I had just got out of the shower and just towel dried my hair, then applied about a nickel sized amount all through my hair. After my hair dried, I didn’t really see a difference. So I tried it with my hair dried, and I still didn’t see a difference, but it made my hair look oily.

I don’t think I will be using this product on my hair any, but it does make your skin feel really soft, so I’ll probably just finish it out, then won’t repurchase. Although I do want to try more of the CHI products, you can find them at Ulta.

Have you used this product or another one of the CHI products? Did you like them? I hope this helps! Have a great day 🙂